The Final Summit

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews addresses the question of what must be done to save humanity in a fictional setting. It is a good book that challenged me to ask what would be the solution to save humanity. Also, what does our society lack or need more of. As I read the book I continuously tossed around these questions and thoughts.

There is a nice breathe of characters some are not well known and leave you wanting to know more about them. One of those characters is eric Erickson, which no one knows yet he single handidly shut off the fuel supply to the Germans helping the Allies win World War II. The President of the United States said that if it wasn’t for him we would still be fighting the war. Hitler’s second in command said that if it wasn’t for him they would’ve won the war and yet we don’t even know who this guy is. I don’t definitely would like to know more about Eric Erickson.

Scattered throughout the book are various quotes from historical figures that are great. Also, one neat thing is it talks about all the various human societies and there commonalities and differences. I have never realized that our own society created such things as the light bulb allowing us to do things in the dark that other previous societies struggled to do.

Overall the Final Summit is a good book. It starts out a little slow, but continuously causes one to question what the solution for humanity should be if it were faced with destruction. I don’t exactly agree with the author’s solution for saving humanity, but everything considered I would recommend it to a friend. I did receive this book free from the publisher, and was not require to write a positive review.


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