Why Can’t Nelson be President

I recently saw a documentary about the Rockefellers. Mentioned in the documentary was grandson of John Rockefeller, who was the founder of Standard Oil, Nelson Rockefeller. Nelson Rockefeller wanted to take his families name in a different direction. He wanted to be popular and powerful. He wanted to be president.

After graduating from Dartmouth he began to help his father with the new Rockefeller center project, which provided a great launching pad to his political career. In 1940, he joined President Roosevelt’s administration as the head of a new agency for Latin American affairs. he went on to work for Presidents Truman and Eisenhower. In 1958, he used this experience to run for governor of New York, and he won. As governor he began a vast array of sweeping projects that enhanced the state.

In 1960, he ran for president but lost the Republican nomination to Richard Nixon. He went on to be re-elected governor in 1962, 1966, and 1970. In 1962, he divorced his first wife after having an affair and later went on to marry his mistress. Many believe this affair squashed any real hopes he had of becoming elected President. In 1974, he served as Vice President under President Gerald Ford, always hoping to build his platform to become president. When Ford ran for re-election in 1976 President Ford did not ask Rockefeller to join the ticket, becoming the first Vice President to never be on a re-election ticket after previously serving.

On January 27, 1979 Rockefeller passed away of a heart attack. He did so while having sex with his 27 year old female assistant. His first affair cost him any real chance of becoming president. His second affair would costs him his leagacy. Now no one could mention Rockefellers accomplishments without mentioning the manner in which he passed away. Not to mention after passing away while having the affair the next person Nelson would face would be God. It’s an interesting way to look at all the decision we make. If we were to die tomorrow how would God look at what are decision are, what God think about the activities we are involving ourselves in.

Rockefeller’s story is a stark reminder to all of us men how important it is to not committ adultery. Rockefeller had everything he was a Rockefeller and he could do anything. Money was no object, and he could achieve m any things. No one can mention Rockefellers achievements without mentioning the affairs and the manner in which he died. There is a reason God wanted, “Thou shall not committ adultery,” as one of the Ten Commandments. Adultery is harmful to us, God wants it as one of the Ten Commandments to protect us from ourselves. In the end adultery ended Nelson Rockefellers hopes of becoming President and tarnished his legacy. Don’t let adultery tarnish your legacy.


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