The first year

Recently, I married the most kind, loving, and joyful person I know. Her giggle and smile lights up a room. This morning I was thinking about the chances we take and the decisions we make, and how they can impact a lifetime. At times it is hard to know which way God is leading you, but we can and should always make an estimate on how the decisions we make affect the ones we love. We all get a lot of first in life. The first day of the school, first birthday party, and first day of college. Many of these can be relived I mean if we fail out of college we can often re-enroll at another college at some later time. I will only get one first year of marriage. I also only get one first marriage. So sounds like a great idea to build a firm foundation rather than seeking my own desires for my career or whatever hobbies I pursue.

It even tells us in the bible that a man should focus the first year of marriage on his wife. Dueteronomy 24:5 reads, “When a man is newly married, he need not go into the army nor be obligated in any way; he must be free to stay at home for a full year and bring joy to  the wife he has married.”


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I am a CPA in Atlanta, Georgia.

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