The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson is a book that challenges one to chase after their dreams. I purchased this book over eight years ago while I was in college, and I remember thinking how can someone ever stop chasing their dream. Now eight years later in my 30’s doing the same thing day after day in corporate america, I can easily see how easy it is to lose sight of the dreams we have and settle into what we think is reality.

The author starts off telling a fictional tale to get his point across and to explain the challenges we are faced with when chasing after our dreams. The second part of the book is really what makes the book great. The author gives his own guidance and biblically shows us how to act on our dreams. He uses many personal examples of his own fears towards achieving his goals. He explains how his fear of public speaking almost kept him from becoming a pastor, but overcoming those fears allows him to speak to thousands at one time.

I also love how he puts dreams into perspective. He emphasizes that dreams are not there to provide us comfort and security once achieved. God can easily give us another dream, and take away the old dream to continue our need of placing complete faith in him.

One last quote I loved comes from an unknown friend. The author asks his friend who has PHd in leadership development (who knew there was such a degree), what is the most important secret to developing world-class leaders? His friend responds, “Well it’s not in a course, a lecture, or a book.” His friend goes onto explain what does create great leaders. Pickup the book and start forming a Dream.


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