George Washington Carver by John Perry

George Washington Carver by John Perry gives a very detail account of Carver’s life. It tells of his struggles growing up born into slavery. Carver along with his mother was stolen by marauders. A union soldier helped return Carver to his master, but his mother was never seen again. It details his many triumphs and struggles with getting an education often moving many times to different schools in different states.

The most crucial decision Carver ever had to make was that of staying at Iowa State to pursue his doctorate where he was the first black to receive a degree and well thought of, or go teach at Tuskegee University. He chose to go to Tuskegee and the book goes into the many ups and downs he had there. One of the main struggles was against the president Booker T. Washington who at the time was more regarded and well known than Carver. Both men had extremely strong wills and often clashed. Carver was not great at record keeping and doing administrative work. He often preferred testing in his laboratory. The president Washington wanted detailed records about the dairy and chicken departmentsthat Carver was in charge of. So needless to say the two often clashed.

The book reveals on interesting conversation with God that Carver often would repeat. Carver asked God for knowledge about all creation. God said no. Then the professor asked the creator to know all about just the peanut. All about the peanut is infinite, and you are finite, God answered. I’d be glad to give you a few peanuts. I’ve given you a few brains. Take the peanuts into a laboratory and pull them into pieces. Tbhis is only one of many stories that shows the faith that Carver had.

The book also shares the friendship and visits between Carver and Henry Ford. One of the great things about this book is that you not only learn about Carver but also about other famous people. of our history during Carver’s time. Carver helped many students at Tuskegee with not only school, but also with their faith. This book is a great read about a great man.

I did receive a free copy of this book from the publisher, but was not required to write a positive review.


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