Reading the bible

I have been a christian for nearly twenty years. I tell you this not to brag, but to confess that I have not done a great job of reading the bible. I haven’t really done a great job of being a christian in a lot of other areas, but I will keep it to the bible for now. Unfortunately, I think many christians fall down in this area and forsake reading the word of God. Just think about the change in our country if people daily turned toward God by reading the bible. First, and the least of which we would have a more educated society. People would learn just by reading and become more educated. Second, people wouldn’t be doing something else. You can’t steal, watch mind numbing television, curse your neighbor, or lie to your spouse while your reading your bible. So reading the bible would keep you from sinning just because you are spending time with God. Third, the word of God convict peoples hearts they would turn to him to make decisions on what is right. The number of thefts, deaths, and incarceration would drop because people would become educated on how to treat others. Fourth, people would have a pure hearts. When you read the bible and commit to God you rid your heart or anger, jealosy, greed, and guilt. People would become compassionate and want to stop the hurting of others. I know it would do other things as well.

Back to my personal confession. I have read the new testament twice. I have never read the old testament. This year I began a quest to start at the beginning and read the entire bible. Right now I am in 1 Samuel and should be done at this rate in two or three years. I know not impressive by any means. If anyone wants to read the bible I suggest not starting at the beginning and begin with something short like the Gospel of John. Also, start with another short book in the new testament like Phillipians and 1 John. God wants you to spend time with him, learning his word no matter what book you start with. I have started taking the whole Sunday to read the bible and this is really good. It allows me to relax, observe the sabbath, and learn more about my heavenly creator and his thoughts.

Please consider turning off the news channel, open your bible, read it, and place the words on your heart. The news in this book is so much better, and if more christians perhaps our local news would change as well.


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I am a CPA in Atlanta, Georgia.

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