You Were Born For This by Bruce Wilkinson

WOW! What a book is what I have to say. Having been a Christian a number of years I have often wondered how God creates miracles without a savior such as Jesus Christ walking the earth. We read in the new testament of how so many people are healed by Jesus. This book doesn’t specifically address physical healing but just as important persaonal miracles that are needed on daily basis. This is such an important topic that is often overlooked. Most people and myself included want God to do something for them or to them. God really needs more of us to deliver miracles to others to meet other peoples needs.

The author definitively explains what situations to look for, as well as, what questions to ask others that God may bring our way to deliver a miracle.The author also uses personal miracles he has delivered to others for God and explains what God can accomplish when we ask to be used. When we focus our efforts to the work of God, God will always bless us and meet our needs. The author gives the following five steps to  clarify the delivery of personal miracles .

  1. Identify the person
  2. Isolate the need
  3. Open the heart
  4. deliver the miracle
  5. Transfer the credit

Throughout the book the author makes use of steps and processes and leading questions to open up an individuals heart so that they may share with you what may be going on in their life that would require a miracle to take place. I learned how God could use me to meet financial needs, discover lost dreams, provide encouragement, and ecourage forgiveness to allow for healing to take place in someone elses life. This is a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading it. It is also great for a small group setting  there are discussion questions in the back. I did receive a free copy of this book from the publisher and all reviews and expressions are my own.


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