Our Last Great Hope by Ronnie Floyd

Our Last Great Hope by Ronnie Floydwas written to move us beyond casual and theoretical talk about the Great Commissionand lead us into a great awakening. I have always felt like personally the church could focus more on the great commission. It is Jesus Christ last words on earth. His final instruction on what he wants us to do and accomplish.

I felt like the first few pages of the book were the most powerful. There is a line on page 7 of the book that states, “Life is to be lived for an audience of one. Here’s an encouraging thought: if I can focus utterly and completely on pleasing God, suddenly life becomes very simple.” The author clearly states what our last great hope is and why it lies completely in Jesus Christ, and in no one else, or other means. The path to accept Christ is called good news and that good news can be accepted by anyone. If we have accepted that good news Chist and turning our lives over to him, we are then commissioned to tell others this good news.

The author encourages the reader to realize what our world would be like if the gospel spread, seeds were planted, and souls were won for Christ. The other challenges the reader or christians to consider how they are are spending their time pusuing careers, hobbies, dreams and other personal pursuits and consider the many people wondering about earth trying to figure things out dying of thirst that only our lord and savior can provide.

The book is full of stories personal as well as what the author has learned and studied in a lengthy career. I enjoyed this book and its a book and a topic that all christians must consider until our final breath what are we doing to spread the gospel to those unreached to those who don’t call Jesus there Lord and savior. I did receive a free copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review. All reviews and thoughts are my own and I did read the entire book.


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