The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark Demoss

The Little Red Book of Wisdom is a great read by Mark Demoss an executive at a christian public relations firm in Atlanta, Georgia. I love how the author describes wisdom. He states, “A reader of any age can apply almost any of these principles in a matter of minutes: read a Proverb every day, listen more than you speak, write more letters, tell the truth always. He describes a great a leader as a great servant -and that great service is modest, understated, in speech and action. He discourages twitter and the constant borageof information from our computersand cell phones and to discover what is human around us. The author encourages letter writing and to personally write him and let him know your thoughts on the book or on anything else. He says that personal letters are kept by whoever receives them. He states no one keeps email, but almost everyone will keep a personal letter. I love at the end of the book he shares what one must do to earn salvationand encourages the reader to ask Christ into their heart by asking and praying for him to come into their life. I think I may buy a few extra copies of his book and pass them onto others who can benefit. This was a very solid book and is well worth the purchase.

I did receive a free copy of this book and all thoughts are my own. I did not have to write a positive review.


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I am a CPA in Atlanta, Georgia.

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