Great Day Every Day by Max Lucado

Great Day Every Day by Max Lucado is best summed up by the following quote, ” And if you can stack one good day on another and another, you will link together a good life.” Lucado emphasizes the importance of giving every day a chance by saying, “You no longer have yesterdya, and you do not have tomorrow.

Lucado, shows the reader how Christ used his days on this earth to do great things,  even when things seemednot to work out. Lucado spends a whole chapter on worry and anxiety, and why it is so importnat to live one day at a time. Lucado says deal with worry in these three steps: pray more, want less, and live for today.

Lucado spends a chapter on how to deal with fear. He says, “Don’t be afraisd; just belive. Believe that he can, believe that he cares, believe that he comes. Oh how we need to believe. Fear pillages so much peace from our days.

This is a great short read by Lucado. I have read almost five of his books and really enjoyed thisone. I was not paid to write a positive review and all opinions and thoughts on the book are my own.


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